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Cataract is well known eye diseases caused by the clouding of the lens which adversely affects the vision. Different types of cataract include Congenital, Traumatic, Senile, Diabetic zuvinile etc. In modern allopathy, surgery is being carried out all over the world for cataract patients. However according to recent research in Ayurveda; thousands of patients of cataract have been cured by Dr.Basu's Isotine Eye Drops.

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Glaucoma is a disease caused by increased intraocular pressure (IOP) resulting either from a malformation or malfunction of the eye's drainage structures. Left untreated, an elevated IOP causes irreversible damage the optic nerve and retinal fibers resulting in a progressive, permanent loss of vision. However, early detection and treatment can slow, or even halt the progress of the disease.

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Diabetic is widely prevalent in India. Unfotunaly; Diabetic Patients suffer from loss of vision gradually on account of leakage of blood vessels in retina. Under allopathic system of medicine, there is no specific treatment. Under Ayurvedic system, Dr.Basu's Isotine Eye Drop has proved very effective in improving vision & also recovers the loss of vision after laser.

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Macular Degeneration is one of the most common cause of blindness Age related MACULAR DEGENERATION is also prevalent in post operative cataract cases.

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Retinitis Pigmentosa is usually diagnosed before adulthood. It is often discovered when the patient complains of difficultly with night vision. Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is a rare, hereditary disease that causes the rod photoreceptors in the retina to gradually degenerate. The rods are located in the periphery of the retina and are responsible for peripheral and night vision.

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Color Blindness, or Color Vision Deficiency, is an eye condition where a person is not able to distinguish certain colors or shades of colors to some degree. Color Blindness does not mean that a person can only see black and white. A person with color blindness is able to see different colors, however they are not able to see some colors due to deficiencies in the eyes.

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