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Bulkar Singh
Punjabi University
Patiala Punjab
I heard about magic but experienced for the First time, as Dr.Basu experimented his medicine with me. Within such a short time, I never imagined such speed in improvement.

Dr. Manoj Chellawi
40/15, C.R.Park New Delhi
Isotine eye drop is very good medicine I have personally used it, It has great benifitted me in Myopia as well as Hypermetropia.

Smt.Beena Sharma W/O Kailash Chandra Sharma
Retd. Principal 347, Maninath
My wife had been seriously suffering from Myopia, Cataract & Glaucoma. Renowned Doctors of Bareilly advised operation. She could revive her present eye sight or may loose it completely and may turn blind. Today... I am finding my wife almost cured... (by Dr.Basu's treatment)

114, Victoria Avenue Hero Road Wembley London North
Dr.Basu's Isotine Eye Drop has marvellous results in so many cases like Cataract, Myopia Hypermetropia etc.
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